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Can I trust ‘Make Your Brain Work’?

When I read a book I like the things it says to be backed up. I like to know why the author is saying what they are. That way I feel like I have the power to make my own mind up about how I use what they are saying. Make Your Brain Work aims […]

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Who is Make Your Brain Work for?

Make Your Brain Work is for individuals who want to: Effectively lead and manage their lives Efficiently get the results they set out to achieve Be in control of their productivity It is especially ideal for professionals who: Are frustrated with surface level information or simply being told what to do Want flexibility in how […]

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Why write a book called ‘Make Your Brain Work’?

There are many brilliant people whose professional and personal lives are not quite living up to their expectations. They know they can do and be better and often feel they are just a whisper away from success that would mean so much to them. These are dedicated, hard working people. They are frustrated but hopeful. […]

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