Part 3 of Make Your Brain Work focuses on organizations. Having whole companies set up to maximize the potential of the employees opens the door to massively increased productivity. When individuals within an organization know how their biggest resource works and know how to work optimally with those around them it is great. However, when the senior leadership team and all the managers are also aware of how to organize things to best free up their teams a whole new level can be reached. Amy Brann is the founder of Synaptic Potential, the company dedicated to bridging the gap between scientists and businesses; bringing cutting edge research to people who can use it in the workplace.

What does Synaptic Potential do?

  • We help individuals and companies become more efficient, effective and productive
  • We believe that by understanding how your biggest resources (your brain and mind) work that you are more equipped to do a great job while feeling more fulfilled
  • Happy people working in successful companies

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How do we do it?

Strategic guidance: Helping organizations discern which strategies will most easily deliver the biggest benefits and profits in your specific situation requires us getting alongside you. We work to understand your goals, challenges and needs while educating you about the key distinctions from neuroscience so you are empowered to make choices in how to move your business forward.

Research: The field of neuroscience is developing every day, with new technology affording us deeper insights, new discoveries being made and new theories being explored and proven. We stay in close communication with the scientists on the cutting edge of this research to ensure we are delivering the most useful applications to you quickly.

Training: We offer a range of in-house programmes that enable teams to quickly understand how to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The brain is involved in everything that is done every day so increasing people’s understanding of how it works quickly delivers a return on investment.

Conference Speaking: Amy is an enthusiastic speaker who loves revealing the hidden workings of the brain to a wide range of audiences around the world. She is committed to explaining things in an accessible and inspiring way so her talks are received as fascinating and entertaining.

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