Amy has delivered presentations, trainings and educationally motivational talks in London, Dublin, Hong Kong and Australia with a range of age groups in a range of life situations. She has an unusual style. It has been noted that her passion for delivering complex ideas and research in an accessible, down to earth, often even comical way, is refreshing. The power that comes from this unique blend of quantum physics, neuroscience, coaching, leadership and management training means people keep coming back to learn more.

What people are saying:

“Amy has been one of the most memorable speakers I have ever seen in action. She has a great talent at connecting with her audience and building massive rapport. She is a very approachable person and had me participating in ways few other speakers could manage. She speaks with passion and knowledge, whilst maintaining a very human and relaxed ambience. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Amy and see her as a true inspiration. I sincerely hope I have many more opportunities to meet Amy in the future.”

Wayne Bennett, Flagship 3, Perth, Australia

“Amy is an amazing trainer. She can take really complex information and break it down and make it easy. 
She teaches in such a way that she layers information in bit by bit, so at the end of a training session you realise you not just know the information but are comfortable in using it. Selling one to one had always been something I’d been scared of. Amy not just made it easy, but I found that I actually enjoyed it! 
As a trainer she has the ability when communicating to large groups to teach the newbie recruit and the experienced team member something in her trainings – all at the same time. 
I now work in a role where sales is such an important part of our business. I use the skills Amy taught me every day and am so grateful to her for helping me build such a strong sales foundation. I’d highly recommend Amy as a trainer if you want training that produces results.”

Donna Powell, Shift Speaker Training, London UK

“Ive had the opportunity to get trained by Amy on numerous occasions in a small group environment (in Hong Kong) as well as on a one on one basis (in Egypt).  She is an expert in her field and a true professional.  What really sets her apart from the rest is her genuine passion and her ability to create real results. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a speaker or corporate trainer.”

Willie H.W. Lau, York Education (HK) Institute, Hong Kong, China


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