Make your Brain work

How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness

This book is for people who want to be more effective at work and to get maximum impact in the most efficient way. Make Your Brain Work shows you how, using the latest insights from neuroscience about how our mind works and what really makes us tick.

This clear, engaging book enables you to discover the things you can do to get yourself functioning at the top of your capabilities, more of the time. Learn the habits, techniques and behaviours that will get you the results you want, by making your brain work for you.

Over the last twenty years our understanding of the thing that drives all our behaviours, and subsequently delivers our results, has increased massively and new research that deepens our knowledge comes in weekly.

Most people are completely unaware of this incredibly useful information. Make Your Brain Work has been written to make complex science accessible and applicable.

Praise for Make Your Brain Work

“Alongside the relentless development of greater competition and speed in business, managers and professionals are having to cope with ever greater demands from smartphones, social networking, and the “always available” demands of modern business life.  Amy’s book is a timely and elegant reminder that the key to personal and organisational success begins with knowing one’s self:  Amy provides clear insight into the latest developments in neuroscience using accessible stories and examples which will resonate with all readers.”

Terry Hodgetts

Director, Centre for Executive Development, Aston Business School

“Reading and applying Make Your Brain Work will enhance your ability to succeed in life. Amy Brann has created an easy to read, high impact guide to utilising our most valuable asset. “

James Schramko

Founder of

“Make your Brain Work is different! It is literally packed to the brim with insights, tools, approaches and techniques that cover a whole spectrum of areas that have helped me. If you want to massively increase your self-awareness, devise strategies for positive change and, as a result, lead a happier and more fulfilled life ~ then I recommend that you read this book”.

Phil Ryan, MBA, CMgr, FCIBs

Managing Director, The Management Centre – The Executive Education Company of Bangor University

“If you are looking to master your life, you must master the use of your brain.  Amy Brann has successfully put together today’s easy to read and understand instruction manual for your brain.  Read this book, master your brain and master your life.”

Louis Lautman

Executive Producer of The YES Movie

“Make Your Brain Work brings neuroscience to life. Explaining how common challenges can be overcome through understanding what is really going on in your brain and the minds of others enables readers to make small changes that can ultimately make life more enjoyable. Easy to read and thoroughly beneficial to implement.”

Scott Martineau


“Make Your Brain Work is an engaging book that is simultaneously filled with insight and application.  Amy Brann not only provides us with greater understanding on how the brain works but she also gives us useful tools on how to make the brain work for each of us.”

Stephen M. R. Covey

Author of The New York Times and # 1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, “The Speed of Trust”, and coauthor of “Smart Trust”

“I love the style of teaching heavy science, applying it to the 3 case studies and then showing how to apply that to real life.  This is a great book for sceptics who don’t think one can change, or need more proof or science to convince them.  And it’s also fantastic for everyone else to understand at a deeper level how they are in charge of their thinking and their results.  Well written and highly recommended read.”

Annette Lynch

Success Coach, Olympian and Author

“This book is full of great stuff, like a delicious Pret recipe your brain needs nutritious food and new knowledge to grow”

Ian Watson

Head of Pret Academy

“The most misunderstood organ in the human body is the brain. Amy Brann’s insights will help you think your way to success instead of mindlessly doing the same old things over and over again.”

Al Ries

Author, War in the Boardroom

“Make Your Brain Work was essential bedtime reading for a couple of nights, and I have found the concepts genuinely very interesting and thought provoking, and a challenging read. It really does become a manual for trying to better understand what influences and motivates others, and how these issues need to be better understood and harnessed. It is not often that the concept of “overwhelm” can be introduced into morning discussions of premiership football and office politics but it is now.”

Nick Green

Managing Partner of Squire Sanders

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