Part 1 addresses the individual challenges professionals experience and what is happening in their brains at that time. It empowers the characters to change their action as a result of what they learn. At times we see their cynicism and this is useful for any readers who may have similar fears or objections.

Can a marshmallow predict your success?

What happens when planning isn’t enough and your sense of control is giving way to overwhelm

Kate is in line for a promotion and always wants things to be done well; she likes to be in control. But today there are just too many things to do and she feels overwhelmed. Stuart (her Coach) teaches her about her prefrontal cortex, the famous Phineas Gage, the marsh-mallow experiment, introduces her to Merzenich and several other great experiments and scientists. As a result Kate decides to make some changes.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Overwhelm

  • Come up with great ideas during quite time when you’re not being interrupted by emails or calls.
  • Save time that previously you’d have spent thinking about what to do next every time you start a new task during the day. Also be more focused when you start a new task because your unconscious mind has been working on it for you overnight.
  • Increase your efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating interruptions.
  • Increasing your perception of autonomy can lead to more productive action and better quality work.


Phineas Gage – Chapter 1

Living the life of Rat Luxury – Chapter 1

Is your hippopotamus under attack?

What is really going on when things go wrong and your stress levels feel like they are soaring?

Jessie’s day goes from bad to worse when there is a mix up in her business. She is feeling strange and starts to recognise her stress levels are too high. Even though she has a medical background, she gets value from looking at how stress is affecting her. Learning about rat experiments, stressed hippopotamuses, perceived control, Stapp’s secret, double slit experiment and more.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering When Something Goes Wrong

  • Free yourself up from experiencing negative knock-on consequences
  • See new opportunities where previously you saw only problems
  • Control your world from the inside out


Stress – Chapter 2

Stapp’s Secret – Chapter 2

Labelling Tendencies – Chapter 2

Learning how to influence what feels out of your control

Discover the far reaching effects of your states and how to regain the power to harness them to benefit you

Ben is in a bad mood, his relationship isn’t going well, and he is frustrated with his assistant, colleague and self. He is taken on a journey from Monks to a French physician learning about emotions and memory and how to have more control over them. Ultimately he understands the impact his state has on his day.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Negative States

  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Enjoy life more
  • Get better responses from other people
  • Feel more in control of what happens

The challenge of being everything to everyone

The hidden depth and revealed simplicity of Time Management

Kate no longer feels overwhelmed, but does still know she has huge to-do lists. She feels pressured to make decisions and get the tasks done quickly, but isn’t sure where to start. Stuart helps her see distractions for what they really are, understand what focus really means, know what to do when she feels stuck and learn all about decisions.

MYBW Top Benefits for good Time Management

You achieve the goals you set yourself because you do the things you need to achieve them.
You feel great about yourself because you are doing what you say you will do.
Other people look to you as someone with integrity, this improves your relationships and your ability to influence and lead others.
Life becomes easier because you make good decisions effortlessly.


Important People – Chapter 4

Great Decisions – Chapter 4

Is a busy brain a clever brain

Find out how you learn new things and how to optimise that process

An entrepreneur is always learning, and Jessie finds this hard to do sometimes. Studies show that experts in all fields are expert learners though so she invests some time in understanding what actually goes on in her brain. Getting to grips with Hebb, novelty, the role of emotion and sleep means she is excited to develop her learning skills for life.

MYBW Benefits for mastering Learning

  • Get more out of learning opportunities; applied knowledge is power to you.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by knowing important things that they don’t.
  • Make more of a difference in your world by being better equipped.
  • Do all of this while having a healthy, balanced life that doesn’t require you being tied to a desk for 16 hours a day.


Unwanted Habits – Chapter 5

PQ4R Study method – Chapter 5

Rich and Varied Life – Chapter 5

Getting results easily and with less effort

How to master productive habits and program yourself to achieve anything you set your mind to

Ben realises he has some habits that aren’t serving him and that he is actually feeling quite down some days. Learning about the constructs of depression and his bad habits mean he doesn’t feel ashamed about how he feels. Seeing the huge potential of neuroplasticity inspires him to make changes

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Habits

  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.
  • A sense of accomplishment knowing that your life is examined and on track.
  • More cognitive processing space and energy to focus on what is important to move you forward.


Ever too late – Chapter 6

What is your Intrinsic Motivation – Chapter 6