Part 2 is about the interaction of our character’s minds with other people. What happens when their goals and actions interact with other people? How do they still get the most out of themselves?

Working and Living in Balance

Designing and creating your world to work synergistically

Feeling tired, unable to switch off, or to connect with her friends Kate feels her work-life balance is spiraling out of control. It takes a firm talking to and lots of explanation about how her mind will really optimally work to convince Kate that she needs to sort this out.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Work-Life Balance

  • Decisions become easier on a day to day basis, enabling you to be more efficient
  • Other people around you have clearer expectations of you leading to less conflicts
  • You set yourself up for knowing that twenty-years down the line you are proud of the decisions you’ve made and the life you’ve led

Upgrading your life one step at a time

Getting to grips with what your brain needs to help you achieve your goals

Jessie identifies things in her life she wants to be different, which will require a series of individual goals being achieved first. At first, due to her training, she is unsure of what we can learn from quantum physics but with all the evidence she starts to see how she can do small things to achieve big goals. Understanding all the experiments presented to her she starts feeling more optimistic about her ability to create future.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Goals

  • Your brain is working with you, rather than against you, to achieve your goals – making the process easier
  • Dedicate more of your thinking resources to other things once you have strategically set yourself up to achieve your goals
  • Build a new identity being able to trust yourself to always achieve what you set out to achieve
  • Increase the trust others are able to put in you
  • Progress to more complex goals with more variables – achieve these quicker


Goal Achievement Checklist – Chapter 8

The Minefield of Motivating People

The vital aspects of motivation that aren’t normally mentioned

Ben loves people but sometimes finds them hard to motivate. Learning about how different people respond to different things, how dopamine plays such an important role in motivation and why mirror neurons are key is fascinating to him. Ben sees how core neuroleadership teachings involving minimising people’s threat response can be like gold dust to him.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Motivation

  • You will be in control of increasing your personal productivity
  • You have the potential to increase other’s productivity
  • Decreased frustration for you and your colleagues
  • Less stress with children and partners by understanding how to effectively motivate them


Rewards & Achieving Excellence – Chapter 9

Introverts & Extroverts – Chapter 9

Killing Creativity – Chapter 9

Transforming Meetings

Making those meetings you dread a thing of the past

Kate is often in meetings: frustrating, long, irrelevant meetings. She picks up on the energy in the group but doesn’t know what to do about it. Stuart explains the huge effect perceived fairness has on people. They explore the potential value of meetings and how to use memes to transform people’s experiences.

MYBW Top Benefits for holding great Meetings

  • Meetings can be opportunities for everyone to get on the same page, which can bond the group together and make them more effective in their work
  • The chance to voice concerns and resolution to them is important so people can focus on the end result

Making Every Presentation Count

The most efficient preparation techniques and holistic strategies to deliver results orientated presentations Occasionally Jessie has to give presentations, which she dreads. Thinking about her limbic system is useful to reduce her nerves. Learning to take control of her anchoring and thoughts enables her to give a better presentation and actually get the desired outcome from it with more effective preparation. MYBW Top Benefits for delivering great Presentations

  • Your message gets heard at a deeper level and is much more likely to be acted upon
  • People have positive memories of you
  • Your credibility increases; people start to look to you as the expert
  • Your ability to sell improves

Appearing competent to others

Understanding how you remember things and others forget things!

Forgetting things is embarrassing, and Ben hates to feel embarrassed. Enabling Ben to actually picture how his neural connections work to store things and how his accessing those memories happens empowers him. He learns about his hippocampus, the limbic system, working memory and how to keep his brain young.

MYBW Top Benefits for understanding the process of Remembering Stuff

  • Utilise your mental capacity efficiently & make empowered choices
  • Work from an enlightened place with other people
  • Support teams to remember and forget to maximise results