Part 3 looks at the big picture challenges our characters have within their organisations and what they can do about them. It looks at a couple of models that are useful on an organisational level and how understanding them as an individual gives them more control to fuel their brain with what it needs.ople on the bus’

Leading with Your Brain Switched On

The model that brings cutting edge neuroscience into the world of Leadership

Kate often gets frustrated with the slow, out of touch, lacking in authenticity style of leadership at her firm. Synaptic Circle, a neuroleadership model, is introduced to her so she can see why she feels frustrated and what she can do about it. The model covers the basics all leaders need to be aware of from a brain perspective of how people work.

MYBW Top Benefits for neuroscience based Leadership

  • Individuals are more successful, fulfilled and loyal within companies
  • Organisations are better placed for dealing with change
  • People are demanding more from companies they buy from, this best equips you to deliver

Dopamine Activation – Chapter 13

Simply Authentic Sales

Understanding the brain you are selling to; enabling you to be clean and professional

Jessie has always felt uncomfortable about selling. She knows the theory but doesn’t always feel congruent doing it. Learning about the neuroscience behind sales enables her to look at it differently and distinguish the things that she really needs to focus on to best serve her clients.

MYBW Top Benefits for Congruently Selling

  • You feel clean and subsequently sell much better
  • You can relax knowing that you are behaving with integrity and that you can be fully trusted
  • You build relationships that will benefit you and your clients long term

Managing People; Managing Brains

What people’s brains wished you knew

Ben is ambitious wants his team to reach their full potential. Through learning about predictability, feedback, challenge and reward he sees how he can manage his people to get the results he wants. He looks at a model of neuromanagement and also sees what his managers are often missing.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Neuromanagement

  • Teams are more engaged and able to produce results
  • Lower staff turnover rates once you have ‘the right people on the bus’