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MYBW Chapters:

Welcome to the core of the book. Check out an overview of each of the chapters. Once the book is published in January 2013 this is where members of the MYBW community can check back to access resources for each of the chapters as they enjoy working through the book.

Part 1

Part 1 addresses the individual challenges professionals experience and what is happening in their brains at that time. It empowers the characters to change their action as a result of what they learn. At times we see their cynicism and this is useful for any readers who may have similar fears or objections.

Part 2

Part 2 is about the interaction of our character’s minds with other people. What happens when their goals and actions interact with other people? How do they still get the most out of themselves?

Part 3

Part 3 looks at the big picture challenges our characters have within their organisations and what they can do about them. It looks at a couple of models that are useful on an organisational level and how understanding them as an individual gives them more control to fuel their brain with what it needs.

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