What happens when planning isn’t enough and your sense of control is giving way to overwhelm

Kate is in line for a promotion and always wants things to be done well; she likes to be in control. But today there are just too many things to do and she feels overwhelmed. Stuart (her Coach) teaches her about her prefrontal cortex, the famous Phineas Gage, the marsh-mallow experiment, introduces her to Merzenich and several other great experiments and scientists. As a result Kate decides to make some changes.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Overwhelm

  • Come up with great ideas during quite time when you’re not being interrupted by emails or calls.
  • Save time that previously you’d have spent thinking about what to do next every time you start a new task during the day.
  • Also be more focused when you start a new task because your unconscious mind has been working on it for you overnight.
  • Increase your efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating interruptions.
  • Increasing your perception of autonomy can lead to more productive action and better quality work.

Chapter 2 – Is your hippopotamus under attack?