Getting to grips with what your brain needs to help you achieve your goals

Jessie identifies things in her life she wants to be different, which will require a series of individual goals being achieved first. At first, due to her training, she is unsure of what we can learn from quantum physics but with all the evidence she starts to see how she can do small things to achieve big goals. Understanding all the experiments presented to her she starts feeling more optimistic about her ability to create future.

MYBW Top Benefits for mastering Goals

  • Your brain is working with you, rather than against you, to achieve your goals – making the process easier
  • Dedicate more of your thinking resources to other things once you have strategically set yourself up to achieve your goals
  • Build a new identity being able to trust yourself to always achieve what you set out to achieve
  • Increase the trust others are able to put in you
  • Progress to more complex goals with more variables – achieve these quicker

Chapter 9 – The Minefield of Motivating People