Want better resources?

If you are responsible for a team you’ll know the feeling of wishing you had more resources so you could achieve more. Maybe it is about meeting a deadline sooner, or coming up with more creative solutions to problems or even just getting the job done without the normal stress.

It used to be (and still is for most people) believed that things like intelligence and personality didn’t change. However intelligent, efficient, effective, productive and happy the people in your team are today is how they are forever. That’s why when we think of improving our resources so we can achieve more we tend to think of external resources, even getting more people!

These days we have more options. Employing more people is expensive. Improving the people you’ve got can be very profitable, not to mention personally rewarding. People can, and do, change. Shaping how this change occurs can mean you have a team of highly efficient, effective, productive, intelligent and happy individuals who do an amazing job for the company.

Investigations have shown us that specific types of brain training can improve executive functioning, which has a host of benefits. There are several functions that have direct implications at work. Your prefrontal cortex handles things like your working memory, attention, impulse modulation and coordination of information. They are linked to your ability to make plans, decisions, see mistakes and break undesirable habits.

Employees who have been trained to function at the top of their game are more valuable than just the additional brain power they bring to the team. Happy team players have a wide reaching positive impact on those they come into contact with.