Make Your Brain Work is for individuals who want to:

  • Effectively lead and manage their lives
  • Efficiently get the results they set out to achieve
  • Be in control of their productivity

It is especially ideal for professionals who:

  • Are frustrated with surface level information or simply being told what to do
  • Want flexibility in how they approach situations
  • Are curious and like to understand how things work

Leaders of companies and managers of teams who:

  • Wish they knew what was going on inside people’s minds
  • Want to help individuals get the most out of themselves, and best serve their company
  • Desire happiness and fulfilment both professionally and personally for their teams

Your brain is your best asset – use it to its maximum potential

The potential applications of neuroscience in the sphere of business are enormous: anyone who understands how to use their brain to better effect will gain an immediate competitive advantage. They’ll be more productive, more efficient, as well as more positive and less stressed into the bargain.

‘Make Your Brain Work’ will be published by Kogan Page in January 2013