There are many brilliant people whose professional and personal lives are not quite living up to their expectations. They know they can do and be better and often feel they are just a whisper away from success that would mean so much to them. These are dedicated, hard working people. They are frustrated but hopeful.

Over the last twenty years our understanding of the thing that drives all our behaviours, and subsequently delivers our results, has increased massively and new research that deepens our knowledge comes in weekly. Most people are completely unaware of this incredibly useful information. Unfortunately outdated experiential research from fifty years ago is still being taught and tools and strategic approaches that have no scientific grounding are still being favoured.

The aim of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ is to equip you with knowledge about how your biggest resource works: your brain. Learning about the different areas of your brain and how they work optimally has practical applications that can make daily life easier. Being privy to the world previously reserved for scientists means you can see how small changes to your work, and home, life can deliver big benefits.

The book provides an introduction to examples of ways that understanding your brain can increase your efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in many different areas. You are the expert in your life, your relationships and your organisation. This is a guide to support you becoming more of the expert you uniquely are in getting the results you want. Understanding your brain enables you to play at a higher level in everything you do.

Described as ‘7 Habits for Highly Effective People’ meeting ‘Neuroscience for Dummies’ the book brings together great research from amazing scientists and explains in an accessible way how you can use the findings to achieve more of the things that are important to you.

‘Make Your Brain Work’ will be published by Kogan Page in January 2013